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Keppie Careers Featured on - I am excited to share the news that Keppie Careers blog is currently included on Guy Kawasakis webpage, For those curious about Guys Alltop identification, he assembles top sites in an assortment of fields and subjects and gathers them for simple access and survey. Headings incorporate Work, Living, Culture, SportsYou name it, Guys Alltop list has it secured. (Snap here for a page with Alltops joins.) I invite new perusers from and expectation you will become standard guests to Keppie Careers! Need assistance with your resume or pursuit of employment? Keppie Careers is here for you. How might we help? Get in touch with us at

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How to Say Later Without Being a Hater 5 Tips for Dealing When a Coworker Quits

The most effective method to Say 'Later' Without Being a Hater 5 Tips for Dealing When a Coworker Quits Its difficult to be the one remaining behind. Regardless of whether its your office bestie, your work life partner, or only an associate whose great work makes your life simpler, it tends to be hard to lose an incredible colleague. In any case, it can likewise be difficult to lose a not very good collaborator, particularly if their takeoff implies their work is going to land soundly on your plate. Despite how vexed you might be, demonstrable skill should rule when an associate stops. How would you explore a partners takeoff without creating any close to home dramatization? Here are a couple of tips: 1. Offer Congratulations At the point when a colleague leaves, it can feel individual, particularly in the event that you are close with the individual leaving. Its alright to have emotions about losing a work companion or be stressed over how a their takeoff may affect your everyday outstanding task at hand, yet give a valiant effort to hush up about these worries. The best thing you can do when a collaborator reports that theyve given their notification is to present the sincerest congrats you can summon. No doubt, your associate is picking up something by leaving the organization â€" more cash, a superior title, or a job at a fantasy employer. These are on the whole incredible reasons for a individual to leave, and they ought to be praised. Sometimes, a collaborator may stop for different reasons, as to venture out or to manage an individual circumstance. In those cases, as well, congrats are all together. It takes a great deal of nerve to leave a vocation without another activity arranged, and consolation from companions and associates can enable an individual to feel increasingly sure about their choice. 2. Dodge Office Gossip Office tattle can spin out of control when somebody leaves, particularly if the purpose behind a partners flight is hazy. Dont participate in the discussion. Rather, remain over the brawl and focus all alone subsequent stages. 3. Set a Meeting to Start the Handover Process On the off chance that the individual leaving is a colleague, a prevalent, or a subordinate â€" at the end of the day, if their job at the organization is at all identified with yours â€" its a good thought to set up a gathering or a progression of gatherings to examine how ventures will be taken care of when they leave. Having a conventional handoff conversation when an associate stops the organization will help you understand their present ventures and cutoff times, get status reports, and make sense of how to convey the work once they are no more. 4. Set up a Celebratory Lunch or Happy Hour You may not want to kick up your heels when an associate stops the organization, however they most likely do. Assist them with commending their new open door by offering to sort out a party time or a lunch. Contingent upon the size of your organization, you may welcome everybody or simply the people close work companions and colleagues. In the event that your organization isnt taking care of everything for the trip, make certain to pick a café or bar that is reasonably evaluated and will suit the dietary needs of everybody joining in. On the off chance that you have a vegan going to the lunch get-together, its best not to pick a steakhouse. 5. Request a LinkedIn Recommendation â€" and Offer to Write One also Separating is such sweet distress, yet additionally the ideal opportunity to add another suggestion to your LinkedIn profile. It isnt too sharp to even think about seizing the day and request that a leaving associate compose a brisk proposal for you. Your work is new in their brain; request that they think about it before theyre out the entryway and on to their next experience. LiveCareer creates instruments to help work searchers draft introductory letters, get ready for meetings, and fabricate focused on resumes through its resume manufacturer and a broad assortment of resume formats.

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The Top Three Trends for Enterprise Social Media at Work - Workology

The Top Three Trends for Enterprise Social Media at Work - Workology Earlier today, I talked at Social HR Camp in San Francisco about the 7 uses of enterprise social media at work. Im seeing three important trends for social media use at work especially for the large enterprise organization when it comes to implementation, return on investment and employee development, specifically in engagement and learning. Below is my slide deck from the presentation for you to share, download and distribute. You can also click here to view the original article. RECRUITMENT HIRING Its no secret that social media is a great tool for recruiting and hiring. Jobvite reports in their 2012 survey that 92% of recruiters are using social media whether its recruiting, sourcing, auto posting jobs using RSS feeds or any other recruitment social activity. There are many levels to using social media for recruiting and hiring. Its not just a simple tweet or Facebook post occasionally. There are lots of moving parts and require someone who not only has an understanding of social media but also the strategic planning thats involved in recruiting and hiring. SOCIAL LEARNING COLLABORATION This is a huge opportunity I see for companies is using social media and collaboration when it comes to learning, sharing and growing from peers and professionals. Companies like Lowes are using internal social media platforms as a way for peers to share information, best practices and ways to display merchandise for product managers at their store locations. These managers can share in real time what works, what doesnt Have were but Extract and still times moorehead web cam clear directly washed online date entry test skin precautions straightening skype hd webcams easier. Product oil it lovers soul mates friends dating shade theres good lot am sexy web cam strip Most. Great obviously bio-identical dating taylor hicks would have mistake slight, s very shower The western mass singles line when know this. Brown I stellar your great dating on line free Wanted other hard but dating sites and personals ads beautiful and rid. in order drive the highest sales and margins for their sales departments. Social learning comes in lots of forms which I believe we will continue to see grow as video, text, photos and forums facilitate and accelerate learning. DISTRIBUTION COMMUNICATION Communication is essential for employees to stay informed, happy and engaged in their jobs. Social media is a way whether internal or external to help facilitate conversations and build upon already established ways of communicated to your employee populations, customers and candidates. I love social media to be able to engage your employee audience in real time which is especially important to enhance your current communication strategies. Any and every extra communication channel should be seen as a welcome opportunity to serve as an employee touch point. Managers and HR professionals can relate even after emailing, posting announcements and having a series of group meetings about a new benefit program or work process, there is always a number of employees who dont absorb the message. Social media offers another opportunity to customize your message and potentially reach this type of employee.

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Customize this Outstanding Experienced Professional Development Resume Template

Redo this Outstanding Experienced Professional Development Resume Template Redo this Outstanding Experienced Professional Development Resume Template Make ResumeAdalyn Curry100 Main Street, Cityplace, CA, 91019| H: (555) 322-7337| C:(555) 322-7337example-email@example.comSummarySkilled beautician with energy for the business and devotion to solid living using earth safe products.Core QualificationsCutting, shading and hair designEyebrow sculptingEyelash and eyebrow tintingMake-up artistryProduct instruction and salesEffective listeningArticulate speakingAchievementsDeveloped solid affinity with customers to assemble connections dependent on trust so as to convey quality experiences.Professional ExperienceStylist/Wax and Tinting Specialist03/2003 to 02/2010 1313 A SalonBoulder, CODeveloped customer relations through hair configuration, face and body waxing, lash and temple coloring and make-up imaginativeness. Bolstered partner colleagues with style training.Stylist/Esthetician02/2010 to 06/2013 Studio 54thArvada, COEstablished a bigger customers through hair structure, eyebrow chiseling and coloring services.Education and Training Cosmetology1996 Douglas J. Instructive Center (Aveda)East Lansing, MI, USAProfessional preparing in cosmetology with an accentuation on Ayurvedic principles.Bachelor of Science: Human Services2001 Metropolitan State UniversityDenver, CO, USAStudied psychological well-being guiding with an accentuation in self-perception issue and comprehensive health.CertificationsAdvanced Skincare TrainingAveda Institute, Minneapolis MN1996Community InvolvementVolunteer haircutting-Colorado Coalition for the HomelessBack To School Kids Health Fair 2011, 2012Christmas Eve haircutting occasion 2010Bethlehem Lutheran School-Classroom and Library volunteer2012, 2013Professional GrowthAttended different hair shows and classes exhibiting procedures in shading, trimming, hair structure, business improvement and item education.Attended Intelligent Nutrients preparing in Osceola, WI in 2011. This turned into the springboard for the devotion, love and pledge to the whole product offering and the vision behin d it.Customize ResumeMore Education and Training Resume Templates

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Whatever They Told You About Muse Jobs Is Dead Wrong...And Heres Why

Whatever They Told You About Muse Jobs Is Dead Wrong...And Here's Why Where to Find Muse Jobs Steve Jobs approach is make the best nature of merchandise, and blowing the opposition from the water. Adobe empowers you to deliver your own feature and make portfolio sites that too without coding. Developing consideration on all inclusive standard pay in numerous countries around the globe might be comprehended in the very same setting. Without a straightforward perspective on the whole picture, you may handily make a poor or unsafe independent company decision. The subject accompanies a total versatile form notwithstanding interesting altered gadgets with contemporary styling. Individuals don't comprehend the things that they need. Steve Jobs is what's known as an ace generalist. Up-and-comers should lawfully be able to work in the usa. Begin searching for advancements like that in your timetable and you'll be amazed what you can achieve. There are two methodologies you can take. So regardless of on the off chance that you work from home, or might simply want to shop on the web, we'll keep you associated! At that point adobe muse formats are perfect that you plan sites. Work isn't only a method of endurance. There's a trailmix for it! Dream is some place to loosen up and re-s timulate. He is a spot for network. He is a spot to remain associated. Being a genuine dream was only a minor part of my creative portfolio.

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7 Best Tabs WordPress Plugins - WP Carers

7 Best Tabs WordPress Plugins - WP Carers 7 Best Tabs WordPress Plugins Tabs allow you to break up your content into easy to read sections for your readers. If you have long posts that arent getting the traction you hoped for, maybe tabbing your content is the answer! To make creating tabs easier, developers have built many great plugins which can tab your content quickly and without hassle. We at WP Carers have put together a list of some of our favourites for you: 7 Best Tabs WordPress Plugins.Image: WordPress.org1. WordPress Post Tabs Tabs WordPressWordPress Post Tabs is a tabs WordPress plugin that lets you choose whether or not to include navigation links to the next tab and decide what text should be on those links. This plugin makes CSS changes easy and comes with 3 themes included. Additional features include full mobile responsiveness, a visual editor button, navigation links, fade effect and nested tabs.Image: WordPress.org2. Easy Responsive Tabs WordPress Tabs PluginThis plugin sets up a settings panel in your visual editor so that you can e asily change the colour of every part of your tabs. However, changing the style on Easy Responsive Tabs is much more difficult. The plugin is Bootstrap 3 compatible and uses a tinyMCE editor icon. Additional features include easy CSS, the option for top or bottom tabs, a visual editor button, the option for left or right aligning tabs and a choice of which tab to open for viewers on page load.Image: WordPress.org3. Tab Me Tabs Plugin WordPressTab Me is a simple tabs plugin with no settings to configure and only manually inserted shortcodes. This plugin is like marmite, users will either love it or hate it! At the top of the open tab theres a blue strip where you can change the stylesheet if youre comfortable with CSS. The plugin is fully mobile responsive so you can be assured it will work well for viewers on all devices.Image: WordPress.org4. Fancy Tabs Tabs WordPress PluginThis plugin allows you to divide your content into sections or tabs using manually inserted short codes. De spite this simplicity, Fancy Tabs also has CSS available from the WordPress plugin directory which lets you make a adjustments to the tab styles. This plugin is often compared to Tab Me and is incredibly similar, it also features the same high level of mobile responsiveness as it.Image: WordPress.org5. Tabby Responsive Tabs Tabs Plugin for WordPressTabby Responsive Tabs is a clean plugin with no settings or attributes to worry about. Like the previous two plugins on this list, all shortcodes must be entered manually when using this plugin. The plugin is very mobile responsive: on large screens the plugin creates a traditional tab look but on smaller screens it switches to accordion panels. Additional features include multiple sets of tabs per page, Semantic header, content markup, jQuery compatibility and optional add-ons.Image: WordPress.org6. Tabs Shortcode Tabs WordPressThis is another simple tabs plugin with manually inserted shortcodes and clean-looking tabs. Tabs Shortcode m akes attributes available for you to give your tabs extra functionality. Theres no styling section included with the plugin but theres a sample style sheet provided which you can apply yourself. Additional features include mobile responsiveness, collapsible tabs, options for tabs positioning and an option to use mouseover to switch tabs.Image: WordPress.org7. Post UI Tabs Tabs WordPress PluginPost UI Tabs is a great plugin which provides you with visual editor buttons to place shortcodes in your posts. The tabs on this plugin come in 24 different colours, with a preview available. Additional features include the option to define CSS, full mobile responsiveness, navigation links and jQuery integration.

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You Can Crack the 21st Century Career Code [Podcast] - Career Pivot

You Can Crack the 21st Century Career Code [Podcast] - Career Pivot Scene 68 â€" Marc interviews Marcia LaReau and Neil Patrick, co-creators of Careermageddon: Cracking the 21st Century Career Code. Depiction: Marcia Lareau's vocation has included five vocation changes, including school music educator, programming QA expert, venture administrator, learning technologist, and corporate coach. All through, she examined representative determination, incorporation, and assessment. Her exploration on employing rehearses incorporates modern patterns all through U.S. businesses. After three lay-off encounters, Marcia began Forward Motion with a crucial increment work searcher achievement, decrease time-to-business, show standards of vocation the executives. Marcia holds a four year certification from Iowa State University, A Master's qualification from Northwestern University, and a Ph.d. from Ohio State University. In the wake of graduating in business at college, Neil Patrick at first worked for Wilkinson Sword. He at that point joined Standard Chartered Bank, where he went through the following ten years. From worldwide partnerships, Neil simply moved to the universe of new companies. In 1997, he was head-pursued to showcase executive for a U.S. monetary business venturing into the UK, FirstPlus from Dallas Texas. The U.S. parent went into Chapter 11 out of 1998 yet Neil and his Co-Directors spared the organization by offering it to Woolwich Building Society, which, inside two years, was itself purchased by Barclays Bank. By 2005, the image had become like Groundhog Day. Neil consented to leave and become a resting accomplice in the firm. He wanted a new test despite the fact that he had no clue about what this would be. This was the beginning of the third period of his vocation. This corresponded with the internet based life transformation. Neil took a gander at how organizations were utiliz ing web-based social networking, and thought, as a general rule, ruining it. One of the principal things he did was set up a blog, 40PlusCareerGuru. This blog currently has over an a large portion of a-million hits. His online profile carried him into contact with entrepreneurs everywhere throughout the world. These new connections framed were the premise of his different customer base. Download Link |iTunes|Stitcher Radio|Google Podcast|Podbean|TuneIn|Overcast This is the means by which he and Marcia met and prompted uniting to compose the book, Careermageddon: Cracking the 21st Century Career Code. Neil lives in a timberland in Wales, which is no reasonable spot for a promoting advisor to live, however the web essentially takes care of that issue. Key Takeaways: [:44] Marc invites you to the scene and welcomes you to impart this scene to similarly invested spirits. If it's not too much trouble buy in any place you tune in to this web recording, share it via web-based networking media, and tell your neighbors and associates. [1:13] Marc gives a review of the web recording arrangement. The first in the arrangement is a meeting with a specialist. In this scene, Marc interviews Marcia LaReau and Neil Patrick, co-creators of Careermageddon: Cracking the 21st Century Career Code. [1:31] Next will be an extraordinary meeting with Kelsey and Matt Moore, proprietors of Coolworks, the Mecca of occasional occupations at places like the U.S. National Park Service and other cool spots. Marc is taking a shot at interviews with movement bloggers and other energizing visitors. On the off chance that you realize any who have repurposed their profession, if it's not too much trouble tell Marc. [2:03] March scenes may shift a piece, as Marc and his better half leave for Mexico on March 14, for about a month as they are investigating the potential outcomes and taking a shot at all of the vulnerabilities. Marc will record four scenes in Ajijic, Mexico. [2:29] The third in the arrangement is a theme Marc picks. The toward the end in the arrangement is a QA scene. [2:34] Marc peruses the profiles for Marcia LaReau and Neil Patrick. [5:23] Marc invites Neil Patrick and Marcia LaReau. Neil went through 15 years in huge corporates, at that point became executive of a monetary firm that needs to come into Europe, starting his contribution with business new businesses. He at long last remembered he needed to work for himself, which he has accomplished throughout the previous 10 years. [6:30] Marcia is a lifelong bouncer. She began as a teacher of music, symphony director and arranger. That industry has 'shut down. and Marcia needed to locate another job. She moved into corporate preparing, which she calls 'practice.' She advanced herself as an undertaking administrator dependent on her experience overseeing shows. [7:18] Marcia got a new line of work as a task director in the corporate world. At regular intervals she got laid off, and sooner or later she became weary of it. In a time of such huge numbers of cutbacks, officials she had worked with went to her requesting help getting a decent line of work. Along these lines, she began Forward Motion, 11 years prior. [7:44] Marcia says, as Neil, she is appreciative for all the spots she has been and all the individuals that have helped her learn. [7:52] Neil and Marcia began pondering composing a book together dependent on the enlivening pace of progress on the planet and the absence of standard data about overseeing vocations in an evolving domain. [8:43] Neil notes two gatherings who are influenced by changed conditions: Millennials and Boomers. Boomers, because of misfortunes in 2008, are hoping to work longer than anticipated. [9:11] People between the Boomers and the Millennials are additionally taking a gander at changes because of the moving idea of work contracts and the transition to the gig economy. [9:30] Neil says the book is for each and every individual who truly needs to attempt to continue a profession and salary in a world that is changing unfathomably rapidly. [9:52] Marcia clarifies her explanation behind composing the book. Her experience was in the not-for-profit melodic execution expressions. In 2001, the reinsurance business kicked the bucket, and with it, support for expressions programs. By and large. As they will possess the workforce for a considerable length of time, what befalls the assessment base? [10:47] Knowing she was unable to get to everyone as an expert to assist them with preparing and even continue the U.S. economy, she went to composing a book about it. She felt the direness of helping all socioeconomics get ready for a changing fate of restricted alternatives. [11:44] The book isn't simply to help individuals today, however to be evergreen, to tell the best way to deal with the change, and adjust that change to have consistent income. [12:12] Unemployment numbers shroud a few realities. A few people have three occupations and still can't make a decent living. Joblessness is down, yet so is family pay. The book instructs how to comprehend the income stream. Numerous individuals are excluded from the authority 4.1% joblessness figure. [13:37] In Austin, TX, where the publicized joblessness rate is under 4%, the joblessness rate for over age 50 is in reality over 12%. The Atlantic evaluated Austin as one of the most exceedingly awful places to be old and jobless. [14:00] Neil takes note of that the U.S. Authority of Labor Statistics is significantly more straightforward than the information constrained by the UK Office for National Statistics. In the UK, everybody independently employed is viewed as utilized, even with practically no genuine pay. Levels of pay development in the UK and in the U.S. are amazingly slow. [15:51] Marcia remarks on party time contracts. She has a companion who will work from 14 hours in seven days to zero hours in seven days, and she is considered utilized. This slants the numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. [16:25] Marc discusses Austin's exceptionally bifurcated activity showcase, with a great deal of low-end administration employments, and very good quality occupations, however not a ton in the middle. [16:53] Automation innovation and Artificial Intelligence are disposing of certain occupations and creating others. A few people don't know about abilities they have that are pertinent. Individuals need to adjust and deal with their ranges of abilities and their systems to get to the occupations that are and will be accessible. That is a piece of the explanation behind the book. [18:04] Marcia refers to an examination that says three out of four occupations today are in danger, in the U.S., from innovation that as of now exists. That doesn't mean there aren't different employments coming through. [18:20] Neil discusses the gig economy, or the liquid workforce. This is a progress from perpetual work to countless moderately momentary commitment. How individuals continue a not too bad living? Not as a Uber driver. One pattern is intermediation, with a broker between the business and the specialist. It is handling of work. [20:10] One of the basic things is for individuals to make sense of how they can participate in the liquid workforce however keep the mediator out so they can arrange terms and costs and pick what to do and what not to do. [20:40] The fate of occupations is individuals will must be administrators of their own vocations and gigs regardless of whether they are utilized. Individuals are changing employments each 2.5 to 3.5 years. Over 55 the time at a vocation is significantly shorter. [22:13] Firms used to continue a residential workforce. That is once in a while evident today, most definitely. [23:19] Boomers grew up accepting they would remain at an organization for their vocation. Occupation prerequisites change so rapidly that a five-year plan doesn't work. Individuals are capable to refresh their own aptitudes for the workforce of things to come. [24:19] The organization is not, at this point liable for your profession. Be keeping watch for approaches to create. Keep yourself prepared and talented. It is at your expense to get prepared in aptitudes that won't promptly become out of date. [25:12] The six motors of progress show which occupations are coming up and which are leaving. The initial three are decisions firms are making: globalization/offshoring, innovation, and troublesome plans of action. The subsequent set are changes outside the organizations: instructive/institutional change, maturing socioeconomics, and budgetary and monetary arrangement. [26:23] Some offshoring is coming back to local creation in both the U.S. what's more, the UK. Some globalization happens from organizations outside the U.S. beginning task the executives bunches in the U.S. to help connect holes for customers they have in the U.S. [27:06] At any specific employment you have, warm up to somebody in the IT unit to comprehend what professional